Engaging Truth About Divine Health

Some would ask, “What is Divine Health”

Here is my simple definition.

Divine Health is the state of healthy living originally intended at the time of man’s creation.

Our Creator and Father never intended us to live in anything but perfect health.  As a race, we violated His directions and cautions and took our minds, bodies, spirits, and relationships into an unhealthy or cursed state of being.  In that cursed state of separation from His intention and pleasure, we find ourselves beset with problems in all four areas of life.  These four areas are our created design.  We are a spirit with a soul in a soma (body) living in society.  All four should be in balance to really live in divine health.

Health is free and fought.  Liberty in any area requires a daily struggle to maintain.  There is a cursed world attempting to take from us our rightful heritage of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self control.  These along with wisdom and counsel and power and righteousness and understanding and knowledge and a reverence of the Lord, God, (Isaiah 11: 2-3) should be evident in our daily lives.

What is the reason we do not see miracles daily?

Lack of connection with the right principles in living and faith.  Living is not just about what we see, but what we know to be true regardless of what we experience and see.  Faith engages the unseen.  When you come to God with your life and seek a state of divine health in the four areas, you must first believe that He is God above all, your Creator and Sustainer.  Next you must believe that He is a rewarder of those that seek Him diligently. Next  is a matter of receiving the blessing.

More will follow:

Today, I open an improved journey in my divine health walk.  This morning, after attending to my eating, exercise, family relationships, workplace relationships, and community relationships, I find myself at liberty and peace.  My physical weight is at the lowest point in 15 years after battling a thyroid condition, ensuing depression, and personal mistakes that we call sin.  Anything done outside of faith and focus on a divinely healthy and balanced life is sin.  It is the wrong use of your intended design by God.  Sin is anything that hurts you or hurts another person.  Don’t get hung up on words, let’s call sin what it is.  It is misdirection and imbalance and improper living in any of the four areas.  So the opposite of sin in focus, balance, and proper living (ethical and moral and principled).

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