Blessing for Healing

“Men by the action of the will, take themselves out of the control of the power of the law of sin and death, and by the action of their will place themselves consciously in union and in touch with the law of the Spirit of Life.” John G. Lake

For the new spiritual principle of life in Chirst Jesus lifts me out of the old vicious circle of sin and death. Romans 8:2 Phillips

Health for my mind, will, emotions, body, spirit, and relationships is available as a blessing. There are many ways of looking at the provisions of God for our lives. One of those is through the eyes of a compassionate Father full of grace to give. Grace is a blessing of enablement given in response to love.

Health is a grace blessing. When we live and move and have our being in Christ, we are blessed and full of grace. Grace enables. Grace empowers. Grace inspires. Grace activates all the divinity of God available through Christ into us. Grace is blessing.

When you go to God for health today, go from the position of a child looking for a blessing from your Father. Our earthly fathers sometimes give blessing and sometimes do not. Our heavenly Father is only full of blessing. Sure, there are times we need discipline. Yet, discipline is only for a moment. Sure, there are times we should get punishment. Is it not wonderful that perfect love has cast out the fear of punishment? Is it not a blessing that the punishment for all the sins of mankind past, present, and coming was meeted out on Jesus on the cross? Get rid of that thought of punishment. Replace it with the thought of blessing.

Blessing corrects our actions. When sin is involved, blessing forgives and empowers us to live a more sinless life on this planet. In the land of the living, we are built stronger to live stronger to give greater witness. However, these are not reasons for health.
God wants you healthy because He loves you and has extended blessing freely your direction. Place yourself in the font of blessing. Go to Him. Seek Him. Find Him. Find His love and His blessing and His grace and His full and complete health body, soul, spirit, and social.

In the font of blessing be sensitive to allow God to work in all four areas. Don’t force His hand or demand timing be on your clock and calendar. Submit to God. Resist the influence of the devil, the world, and your flesh nature that desires the wrong result. Let Him have your heart and soul and mind and actions and words and, yes, let Him have the very desires of your heart.
He will reshape your desires and bend them to the right direction that leads you to full blessing and full grace and full health. Give Him your self.

Pray: Father, I speak blessing over my life and the life of all those around me. Grace us with the full power of the Holy Spirit to correct our thoughts and intents and actions and words. Grace us with full health that can restore the dead and dis-eased portions of our bodies and minds and relationships to be full of life and living touched by Your Holy Spirit.

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