The Inheritance Heals: Establishing the Presence of God

Psalm 16: 5-11 NKJV

O Lord, You are the portion of my inheritance and my cup;
You maintain my lot.
The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places;
Yes, I have a good inheritance.

 Full health comes with full experience of all God plans.  His plan includes an inheritance and a cup. Let’s consider those in light of our healing.  For our purposes let’s consider the inheritance the things outside of us and the cup thethe strengths of our heart and personality and talents inside of us.  Gifts in us of God can change all the things outside of us in the world.

Our birth starts us out with a certain set of talents, personality, physical abilities, and leanings in life. Some of that was designed of God for goodness.  Some of that like so much else is influenced by the curse that lives in our world. God wants to take all that we start with and bring it to greatness.  Have a good outlook on how you start and allow His management and you always end up in a better place.

He promises to maintain our lot.  At the lake I have four lots of equal size.  Together they make up a full acre.  It takes maintenance.  A crack in a water line meant spending a day under my cabin with the albino spiders.  That is just what needs done.  Today, I enjoy the birds from my deck.  They are health and peace to my soul.  God gave me these lots.  He placed desires in my heart 30 years ago that guide me when opportunity presents richness.  He gave me a love for the outdoors.  He gave me a father who always wanted an outdoor place for his children.  All of that is God maintaining my lot and leading me to more peace and joy with family and friends.

He promises to maintain our lot.  I was born with a skillful mind and a love for communication and people.  I also was born with a significant hearing deficit. Today in some ranges I am 80% deficient.  So I have learned to read faces and body language.  Praying for tens of thousands of people has taught me to listen to my Father’s voice first and see great miracles.  My ears don’t work in loud auditoriums at prayer lines with music playing, but my heart and spirit can easily cast off distraction and listen to the Holy Spirit.  Continually, I have people send me notes on how a certain lesson pierced personally to their situation.  God has maintained my lot to bring great healing and comfort and health.

The lines or boundaries of our inheritance fall in pleasant places.  Oh, take that attitude!  How often do we decry our situation instead of enjoy it?  A simple situation can lead to great blessing.  A recent change in structure at a company for which I have worked has launched me into a broad new opportunity I would have never taken.  Comfort can leave us constrained.  Full health comes in full expression of who we are.  God will maintain your lot by giving you special opportunities to grow and enjoy life to the fullest.  They will take fearless faith to embrace.  Embrace them.

Yes, I have a good inheritance.  Tell yourself that over and over.  Drop the negative focus of judgment and criticism.  An inspective attitude and propensity for detail is a blessing unless you turn negative.  One can see a picture leaning to the side and straiten it or one can see the picture leaning to the side and complain about how the dry weather is affecting the building foundation.  It is a choice of life or destructiveness in our heart and mouth for us and those around us.

Health and healing come with perspective and agreement with God.  Grab positive agreement.  Allow His hand to take your right hand and lead you into greater fullness.

Pray: Oh, Father, what a wonderful God You are.  You do magnificence in all You do.  Teach us to see the blessing in our present situation.  Enliven in us an expectancy to do more, see more, enjoy more and have abundance to bless others.  That brings healing.  That brings life.  That brings You into our life by invitation and open acceptance of Your love and unconditional plan of growth.  Oh, how I love the life You have given. 

Reverse the negatives that the world and the enemy and my own stubborn and selfish desires have created.  Let me wander and wonder in You and see what plans exist to build on what is in place in my life today and bring brighter moments in my life this day.  Help me to see the opportunities of today and do not worry about tomorrow.

Today there is greatness for me. 

Today there is health for me. 

Today there is life for me. 

Today there is blessing for me.

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