Powerful Healing: Avoid Bad Blood

Psalm 16:4 Their sorrows shall be multiplied who choose another god; their drink offerings of blood will I not offer or take their names upon my lips.

Balanced health includes avoidance.  Avoid wrong influences. Avoid wrong foods.  Avoid wrong people.  Avoid wrong patterns of thinking.  Avoidance can bring health.

Of course, it is impossible to avoid the entire world. A world set on finding self fulfillment and worshipping itself is destined for failure and defeat.  There are destructive behaviors that lead to early death and disturbed living.  Our United States is beset with cancers and heart conditions and diabetes and extensive diseases transmitted only sexually.  All of these are promoted by wrong living and a lack of avoidance.  Our statistics show it.

In these United States we have fallen to less than 25% regular attendance at worship services.  From prior readings you know that taking time with other saints brings healing.  It doesn’t have to be Sunday morning church, but there need to be times we come together and encourage.  At the same time, it is estimated we have over 25% homosexual relationships as adults.  There are social and physical disorders that accompany that lifestyle choice.  We have choices in our life patterns.  Some lead to health.  Some lead to disease.

Avoid “bad blood”.  Now we don’t have many that imbibe of blood.  We do have many that focus on hedonistic lifestyles. 

Bad blood can be an over stimulation with alcohol as a focus in life.  How often do our advertisements get focused on sex and alcohol and full pleasure as a mix worth pursuing?  That is a diseased pattern.  Dancing around the outside edges of that lifestyle will draw you into the lifestyle.  There is emotional and physical damage waiting to engage you.  Avoid the draw.

Bad blood can be an overdependence on drugs.  The habits of constant pain killers, mood altering drugs when we have an issue we need to attend, and stimulants to restore sexual activity flood our society.  They are bad blood.  This choice of living takes us away from the normal balance of pain and repair.  By masking pain as a habit, we become addicted to ill health with drugs as a cover.  Ask God to search you out and deal with the source of the pain instead of masking.

Bad blood can be constant sensate driven living.  Filling yourself with television and movies and reading that plays to extremes brings ill health.  You can only watch a head cut off or a body disemboweled or a child sexually abused so many times before your mind is dulled to good living and becomes insensitive to real and wholesome life.  Think on the good things Paul admonishes us in Philippians.

Bad blood can be drama queen living.  The ineffective and harmful lifestyles of gossip and manipulation are promoted to the maximum in our culture through such entertainment as “Two and A Half Men” and reality shows bent on who can destroy and lie the most to win.  What are we thinking?  This is not living, this is killing.

Their sorrows are multiplied, who choose another God.  Just these three habitual styles of bad blood are enough to illustrate.  Our society becomes in love with pain avoidance and sensationalism and ends up in disease and destructive patterns.  With so much finger pointing and back stabbing as our focus we take it into our daily living without realizing who we have become.

Want to be healed?  Make healthy choices for your mind and eyes and ears and thoughts a priority.  Avoid bad blood.  It is amazing how quickly health can return when aborting these patterns.  Don’t expect a two day turnaround after a twenty year bad focus.  But do expect freedom in thinking and living and physical health to be restored in time.  The earlier in life we choose life as our focus, the less pain we need to endure.

Prayer:  Father, how can I love You more?  How can I take time in my living to engage Your thoughts and not my ways?  Teach me to avoid the bad blood situations and lifestyles that will only destroy as they are pursued.  Teach me the ways of life.  Help me to focus my mind and eyes and ears and actions on good habits that build me and build others.  Let me think on those things that are good and loving and just and honest and praiseworthy and excellent and of a good report.  It they don’t fit, help me cast them out and be restored to health.

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