Powerful Healing: Good Blood

Psalm 16:4 Their sorrows shall be multiplied who choose another god; their drink offerings of blood will I not offer or take their names upon my lips.

Last notes were about avoidance of the bad. What about engagement with the good?

There is life in the words of our mouth and the ways of our feet.   Where we go, what we say, how we act, who engages our moments, and why we do what we do directs our steps.  Our steps direct our results.

Over all of that who, what, why, how, and where is God’s providence.  He takes all of our living and accelerates it to the positive or allows it to the negative.  There is no stationary.  There is no fence to ride.

When we invoke His help through focusing on His love and energy and involvement, all of our results become stronger  to the direction we need. It is good blood.

When we avoid His help through focusing on our relationships with the world and the inclusion of the greed, envy, strife, and focus on bad blood, we invite that influence into our overall results. Even a good action becomes a bad outcome and we wonder why.

So what does it mean to take a name on my lips? Out of the abundance of what we store in our hearts, our words and focus come. It is not so much about what we say and what we mull over in the depths of the quiet moments. When we fill our minds with distractive influences that have no good in them, they infect our sleeping and waking dreams and actions. We lack trust of others because we view life through jaded lenses. We resist commitment because we don’t believe others will follow through,

So the commandments of Good Blood:

  1. Get focused on God as Creator and the Source of all blessing. Just don’t entertain any other thoughts of Him. A few acquaintances recently talked about how fearful they were of a certain manager. The manager is one of the most gracious I know. And, he believes in high accountability. These were afraid of being held accountable for the results of their performance. We can be toward God like that. We become afraid because we do not understand His grace and mercy and goodness mixed with justice and accountability. Shift. Don’t live in fear. Live in faith toward God. Come to Him in humility and acknowledgment of who He is. And remember He will always be good to you, even in correction.
  2. Pray and appeal to Him with expectancy. Taking God’s name in vain is less about cursing than it is about useless prayer. Don’t waste His time. When you go to Him, expect results. When you talk about Him to friends, do it with joy and passion.
  3. Be faithful to build value for others. When you borrow and item, take it back in better shape than you received it. When you work for an employer, give 100% when you are on the job. Put away your cell phone. Be a builder of value for those around you. When you speak to a friend, give them encouragement not pity.
  4. Spend time with other believers and make sure you rest. Rest builds vibrancy. There are seven days. Take one of them to rest and recoup and worship God. Make sure you find time to meet with other believers and let the togethers heal all of your souls.
  5. Do something to build your family and friend relationships. Go play with a friend. Do something out of the ordinary with your spouse or child or grandchild.
  6. Talk up. It is easy to point out problems. Talk up. Point out solutions and strengths and goodness about others.
  7. Be content with your family, possessions, home, apartment, car, and what you have around you. Quit looking for more. Settle in and enjoy.
  8. Life, life, life. Quit contemplating death and destruction and abuse. Promote marriage and babies. Promote useful living for seniors. Encourage others to find joy in life.
  9. Help someone who can’t help themselves in that area.

Okay, you do these things and good blood will begin to overtake you. On your worst days, you will see sunshine and life.

Father, I want that sunshine and life and good blood flowing through me. It works. You work. You are full of life. When I connect with You and Your ways, Your life flows through me to others and I can’t help be be healthier myself. Bless me, Father. Let the kingdom of Your righteousness and love stir deep in me and through me to others.

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