Powerful Healing: Estoy Aqui. I am here.

Psalm 16:8 I am always aware of the Lord’s presence;   he is near, and nothing can shake me GNT

Near To Me:

Visiting with a friend over the scripture, they noted how they seek to always be aware of God’s involvement.  Scripture asks us to rejoice always and always be in prayer.  Yet, this mindfulness of God’s action is not as easy as we would like.  It is good to visit with others pursuing the same nearness and share our concerns and successes.

When Are You Here?

Now, it is one thought to say God is always near.  It is much more my experience that life does not resemble His presence as much as I would like.  In His presence there is fullness of joy.  Many times I am not full of joy.  In His presence is healing forevermore.  Some days the pricks and pains of muscle and sinew and malfunctioning body do not feel healed.  In His presence is a peace beyond understanding.  Some moments, frantic pressures rob peace of even a stair step on which to stand to get to me.

So, when is He here and affecting me and when is He here and not affecting my condition?  Yes, He is always present. That is part of our understanding of God.  He never leaves or forsakes His children.  Once residence is established in us, it is continual in us.  And we do not always functionally and experientially realize the power of that presence of the Father.

When Are You There?

At the fast food restaurant, the question comes with every order, “Here or to go?”.  Para aqui is my standard answer.  For here.  I like to sit and eat and not run in the car.  In fact, why would I go in the restaurant to the order counter if I wanted to go?  Why not just ask me with a presumptive, “You would like that for here?”  If I want it to go, I then have the option to say, “No, I’d like it to go.”

When we approach God are we doing the same? God, can I have this in my life and get with You this moment or should I expect a “to go” plate and enjoy the results at some later time.   Why not go to Him with the presumptive option?  God, of course I’d love to enjoy You and Your presence and all the results of peace and healing and stability and strength that go with that during our time together right now. 


When Are You Ready?

Of course the question is about readiness.  Are we ready for God to be here? 

Whew, that is a question that makes you stop and wonder.  Have I reduced distraction to allow Him to speak?  Have I ordered my life in a manner in which He would be pleased?  Is the word of life guiding my thoughts? 

Think about this one question instead of all of those.  Does He want to sit down with me or does He want to take my request to go and get back with me on the road or later?  Somehow, I think He always likes the sit down and converse option.  “For here, for now”, is the answer I believe He speaks.  We are the ones in a rush to run on the go.

For Here and For Now

He is always near for healing and hope and sanity.  He is always near for peace of mind and restoration of body.  Take Him at His word.  Hold on to His hand for a moment and tell yourself to stop and recognize His presence. 

He is near for healing.

He is near for peace.

He is near for strength.

He is near, now and here.



Father, I’d like my time to be with you now and here.

Fill me with Your presence.

Heal me.

Peace me.

Joy me.

Estoy aqui.  I am here.

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