What does a smile do? Una Sonrisa por ti.

ImageMornings are special.  Before facebook and twitter, it is my prayer time.  With such tools, I get to look from the eyes of friends around the world at what they see.  My life is bigger by being involved more intimately in their lives.  Sure, there is much time in the day living with those right here.  And my  life is bigger with those whom I can’t be right there.

The more lives we have in our life, the bigger our health and balance.  Maybe you can have too many friends.  Maybe.  I don’t think so.

The Spanish word for smile is Sonrisa.   When a friend of mine smiles, it is as the Son Rising.  I can see the Son of God in their smile.  The heart is warmed.  Life is bigger.  Problems are smaller.  Hope is encouraged.  Strength is stronger.

Someone asked me to smile recently.  Seems life is getting too serious.  The heart is warmed best with a smile.  So I am sharing Janet’s smile this morning from Matamoros.

Oh, and here is smiling idea from Jody, another friend.  He lives in OKC, but FB says he was in Columbus, Mississippi when he shared this morning.

I read from Mark 2 this morning @ early prayer. I was reminded that I don’t have “faith for” things but rather have “faith in” God. Also my faith is not just for me. Others around me will either be held back from my lack of faith or propelled forward by my increasing faith. My prayer today…

“God, let me be surrounded with friends that trust in You and are full of faith….then God, let our faith bring change to those around us and to our city…God thank you for Columbus, MS. Let me represent You well and trust You enough to step out and do what may seem radical and different to me to help make a difference in someone else’s life.”

My thought for today: My faith is not just for me…someone else may be depending on my faith today for their miracle!
Mark 2:1-12

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