Meet Jesus: Open Mouthed Matthew 5:1

meetjesusopenMatthew 5: 1: And seeing the multitudes, he went up into a mountain: and when he was set, his disciples came unto him: 2: And he opened his mouth, and taught them, saying,

There is a time to open our mouths and bless.  Jesus has the exact sense of those moments.  When He was set, He opened His mouth.  When went up into the mountain, He opened His mouth.  When He saw the multitudes, He opened His mouth.  When His disciples came to Him, He opened His mouth.  He opened His mouth and taught them.

He teaches us the same way today.  His mouth is open with blessing when we come to Him.  The disciples came to Him.  The multitudes came to Him.  We come to Him.  All of us find the same Jesus.  He is open to speak blessing and teaching over us.

Over life, there have been so many ready to bless and encourage.  These words of Jesus were not easy words of blessing, but essential for understanding the path of living in blessing.  Some years ago, a teacher, mentor, and friend in ministry came to my home.  He parked his RV out front for a few days and visited.  In the course of those days, he asked me one question.  “What are you doing with the gift God has given to you?”  That question has remained some 29 years later.  His open mouth spoke a path of blessing that was challenging.  It has led me for over two decades in responsibly asking and answering that same question over and over.  It has been a route of blessing to use that which God has gifted into my life for others.


ACT!  Are you ready to open your mouth to bless another?  Are you able to speak a challenge that leads to blessing?  Who is speaking that challenge to you?  Listen.  Learn.  Obey.  Speak.

PRAY! Father of Life and Loving, how can I every realize the fullness of Jesus You have sent to us?  You sent Him full of life and blessing.  You sent Him for abundance.  You sent Him for joy.  You sent Him for challenge.  Call me, Father.  With the voice of Christ calling me to move forward, never let me shirk back from that which You have taught through Him to us.  Let us humbly walk in the challenge and the blessing of the path of obedience.  Let us always go unafraid to the great Teacher to hear and obey and be blessed.

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