Meet Jesus: Pure In Heart Matthew 5:8

Matthew 5: 1: And seeing the multitudes, he went up into a mountain: and when he was set, his disciples came unto him: 2: And he opened his mouth, and taught them, saying, ….. 8: Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.

Jesus truly is pure in heart. His heart has always been to build us. His heart has always been to redeem us. His heart has always been to receive us. And certainly He saw God regularly.

What does it mean to see God? To see Him in that same pure heart is a great privilege. In the book of Genesis, it is common for men to get direct communication from God about circumstance and decisions. Today, that seems uncommon. Many will say, “God told me”, and have no concept of what they are saying. It can be interpreted, “I want to hear this so I did”. Others really did “hear from God” as evidenced in real results consistent with His way and voice.

The pure in heart see God. They have clarity to receive when He speaks. They have a consistency unfiltered by their own desires. Seek purity that thinks of God’s ways not yours.

One study class in a morning gives questions about life and church. They reflect purity of heart. There are a few funny questions meant to make me laugh. Most were direct to the heart. One asked the question, “Why do we interpret the scriptures in different ways and always think we have the correct and only answer?” That one cut to heart. How many times have I been guilty of the answer to that question? This week one of my sons questioned a doctrine I hold dear. Why did it hurt? It isn’t an important doctrine. It is just something special to me. Purity of heart would not be hurt. In a recent sermon picked up over the internet, the minister of a large congregation preached as truth strongly questionable interpretation of unclear verses against another denomination. Maybe he has a little inferiority. I don’t know. But why do we do it? Purity of heart would not want to be right on small matters to the point of being hurt and hurting others.

In the parking lot of a church I was visiting, I met Lillian. This cute, bright girl was about eight. She was part of a group of adults and kids walking from their home to go shopping. The group of four looked inviting so I walked over and introduced myself. The group I was teaching was not ready yet, so I just wandered in the parking lot with a little figgetyness. Lillian bounced and bounced. She figeted, too. She locked on to two of my fingers. Her longing for an adult male figure was evident. She asked if she had to get new cloths to go to a church. Would she have to wear a dress? We laughed and played a little as I told her she only needed to wash her face. Her face was dirty but her heart was hungry. She has a pure motive to come not to a church but to a Jesus living in the members. She just wants love. That is pure. As they walked away Lillian proclaimed loudly, “I have a dress. I’ll wear my dress.” Pure heart.

ACT! Question yourself. Where have you declared “truth” that really was questionable and needed to be questioned and polished before spoken? Is there a way to clear up with those who heard? Do you want to see God? Would you be able to drop all pretense like Lillian and ask simple questions?

PRAY! Father, it is my soul that is wounded when I reach for impurities. Create in me a clean heart. Cause your Holy Spirit to breathe in my soul freshness. Give us clean hands. Give us pure hearts. Let us not lift our souls to another. We bow our hearts. We bend our knees. Make us vessels of honor and love. We cast down the idols that are impure. We cast down ideas that stand against freedom and peace within the kingdom. Let us be a generation that seeks Your face and Your face alone. Let us put down our ways and wants. Humble us, we humble ourselves. Then we will see You. Let us see You in others. Let us see You in the Lillians in the parking lot.

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