Ready To Help: Leading Your Children

SOLUM Community Transformation Initiative

Loaded to help
Loaded to help

In the last few weeks our state and local community have suffered unspeakable loss. After the May 20 tornado hit Moore, my husband and I both leapt into action, each according to our own talents. We talked openly about our activities in the presence of our 3-year-old daughter, but not always WITH her specifically. Several days after the storm the inevitable day came that we were running errands in Moore, our hometown, and we drove by our beloved Veteran’s Park.

Since infancy, this park has been the favorite destination for countless play-dates and snow cone treats, and it was the last place of devastation I wanted our daughter to witness. I wanted to shield her from this ugliness, so unrecognizable I held out hope that she might not realize where we were. Not so! She first clarified that this was indeed “her” park, and that it was…

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