underhiswingsThere is a place of ultimate protection with the Father. Every earthly father seeks to provide the same. We are flawed. The Father is not flawed.

Maturity brings self reliance.  Until we live through storms bigger than our ability.  Then we want to run for cover.  The best time to run for cover is before the storm.
Before the heavy storms in Oklahoma, a dove positioned herself on my porch, laid two eggs, brooded over them until they hatched, and then went into protection mode. The hatchlings gained size rapidly. It surprised me how big they became from inside those tiny eggs to birds in just a few days. But they weren’t able for the storms that were coming.  They were not strong enough.
Every time I opened the door, momma dove would cover the hatchlings so they were invisible. All I could see was her. I did catch a quick glimpse a few times.  She was ready for the storms.
Psalm 91 gives this picture of our Father protecting us in the storms of life and even when they just threaten. “Under his wings you will take refuge.”
Taking refuge is an action. It means we decide to get up under Him and His love. The best time to do this is before a storm.
Last year I spent two months reading the entire bible a book at a sitting. It was refreshing. It was enlightening. The day I finished storm clouds rolled. Several family members ended their journey on earth. The grief was intense. My work assignment made a huge transition. My wife and I flipped our car after hitting a bear on a Montana mountain highway. A car was stolen. On and on it goes.

In a few weeks time, our world was shattered. Yet, we were under His wings.
How wonderful it is to be under those wings. The storm is there. The pain is there. The loss is there. The comfort is there. The security is there. The confidence is there.
My heart goes out to so many friends and neighbors with crashed lives in the storms that come. Homes, loved ones, jobs, and other items to which we attach our security are gone. It can happen to any of us at any day. When we are under those wings, it sure is easier. When we are exposed, it is hard.  The Father is always ready for the storms.

That momma dove took her hatchlings to more protective ground when the storms came.  They are fine.  God can do that for you.  He’s done it for me so many times.
My prayer for you goes like this:
Father, here is a friend. Here is a neighbor. Here is someone over which You brooded in their creation. Here is someone over which You wish to cover with Your wings. Make it easy for them, Father, to find that comforting place of respite in Your nest. Allow them to nestle up close and be overwhelmed by the immensity of Your comfort in a world of storms. The storms come and go, but Your protection comes and stays. Allow us our place beside You. Allow us our confidence in Your concern. Thanks, Father. You are amazing.

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