Mercy AND Truth Psalm 25

Discipleship Principles

Discipleship Principles

Let mercy and truth cover your conversation and way of life.

Psalm 25:4,5 Show me Your paths, O Lord.  Teach me to walk in Your ways.  Lead me in Your truth and teach me, for You are the God of my salvation; on You I wait all the day.

Morning Moments: Rising this morning to some cooler than average temperatures, truth stirred in me.  Solomon’s wisdom shouts out.  David’s prayer prompts.  Maybe, like me you’ve found life tough.  Results resistive?  Outcomes untimely?  There are many days like that.  And there are many days full of results where outcomes are powerful and lives are changed.

Better: Fulfillment comes watching my children and grandchildren develop into all God has for them.  Contentment builds in living the adventure with my wife, Dian, for over 35 years.  The Father continues to build me and mold me.  Like the song, “Every day with Jesus is better than the day before.”  Truthfully?  It does not always feel like it.

Faith or Feeling: Truthfully?  Feelings are not the food of a disciple of Christ. When was the last time you heard that phrase applied to you, ‘a disciple of Christ’? Faith is the food of a disciple of Christ.  Vision is the food of a disciple of Christ.  Service is the food of a disciple of Christ.  Giving is the food of a disciple of Christ.  Witnessing is the food of a disciple of Christ.  Prayer and thanksgiving and fellowship are food of a disciple of Christ.  Scripture study and meditation are the food of a disciple of Christ.

Discipleship: Yesterday, I was mentoring a church leadership team in discipleship principles.  The freshness of the lead team after years of sameness is beautiful.  The good news is bringing new believers.  Scriptural principles applied to those new lives will result in faith and right living.  This team knows enjoying our feelings in the moment and praying for God to miraculously teach new believers what they need to know is foolish and irresponsible and untruthful.   Ouch.  Let mercy and truth hang as an ornament.  Put it out there.  They are getting the right results.

Back to results:    Right disciplines steer the course to right results.   That is truth. The miracle love of God providently takes our small efforts and causes them to give much larger outcomes than are humanly possible.  That is mercy.  Mercy works with truth.

Prayer:  Father, this morning lacks the full luster I would like.  Underneath the feelings and human perceptions, I understand the principles put into motion are working.  Beyond my sight and touch, I know You are working miracles of mercy.  It just does not feel like it.  Okay, that is truthful, Father.  I believe, help my unbelief.  Stir the life blood of Your Holy Spirit to a boil in my soul.  Cause the energy from Your presence to be enthusiasm for others to touch.   Let mercy and truth come out from me as well as live in me.  Let it be an ornament of beauty for others to see based on right living as a disciple of Christ and great mercy as a child of the Most High Creator.


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Fearless Fathers Catalyst Weekend Aug 2,3,4 Tabitha Baptist, OKC

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Watch D.O.G.S. Launch Aug 16th  Tulakes Elementary, OKC

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