Have A Grand ThanksLiving

picture credit David Schweitzer

credit David Schweitzer

Develop a thankful attitude for the smallest blessings and contentment will be your reward. Phil Larson

Godliness with contentment is great gain.  Paul of Tarsus circa 65a.d. to Timothy
When Paul, Timothy’s mentor, wrote this note to him, Timothy was under pressure as a leader.  You have to read the whole letter to get the full gist. That can happen to all of us and does.  We move out to lead and life presses.  Delays onset.  Goals seem to get further away instead of closer to reality.
Contentment keeps us on track with doing what we know is the “right thing”.  Thankfulness for the daily small stuff produces contentment.  Deferred hopes challenge peace and comfort.  Enjoying past gains and present blessings with thankfulness produces an unshakable contentment.
Father, bless with a realization of present blessings and a thankfulness for each of them.  Build contentment.  Let us enjoy this most glorious of weeks where thankfulness is honored in tradition and living.

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