Men Mixing With Men

menmixingwithmenIron sharpens iron…men need men.  You just have to accept that.

Men need men to study life, work, kids, relationships.  There is a dynamic of living and walking the golf course or fishing or digging a fence.  There is a dynamic of walking through Lowes or watching sports.  There is a dynamic of discussing a good book or a disagreement with your wife or a work meltdown.  Men need men.

Men need men to process growth.  Kids turn into teens.  Little girls become young ladies.  Young men start families.  Other men help take off the edge and laugh and cry with us.  Some emotions of men just have to be shared with other men.

Men need men to talk through fears and failures and frustrations.  That missed promotion.  Grabbing 220volts because you did not throw the breaker.  Car problems.  You just need another man.

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