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What is missing for you?  Great people find balanced living “all in” with results of  health in body, mind, will, emotions, finances, spirit, and eternal futures.

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Be a doer of the word and not a hearer only…share with me what action you are going to take.  Me, I’ve decided to increase my personal time in prayer and devotion.  I’ve been too busy for others and need that focus time with my Father.

A Lenten Log

Reclaiming Easter Facebook 403x403In 1999, I took a 50 day journey of prayer and fast.  This Lent, I remember those moments that recreated my soul.  Here are some notes from before blogging became blogging.

Go ahead and print this out and use for the next seven days.  I’ll post another next Wednesday.

Day One

As we begin our prayer journey for the saints, remember those who have gone before us. Men as Andrew Murray, Hudson Taylor, A.W. Tozer, C.T. Studd, Reese Howells, Jeremiah Lanphier, Jonathon Edwards, and others have at times seemed mystical in their quest for deeper understanding of God and at times seem mystifying. Gods way can seem mystical. His thoughts are higher than our thoughts. His ways are higher than our ways. Hopefully, as we go into the insights of scripture in relation to praying for the saints, we will journey old roads for some and new trails for others. At a minimum, they will be exciting roads for us. Roads of change and passionate zeal for the heart of God.

There is much in the Word concerning prayer for the saints. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob blessed the ones to follow. Moses prophesied results. The prophets always prayed for Godliness.

Saints need prayer. Each day is a new opportunity for growth or regression. God goes for growth. Prayer paves the path.

FOCUS: Prayer is a silent encouragement, a sure exhortation, a provoking to greater works through unseen and unheard motions in the realm of the heavens worked out on earth.

Psalm One and Proverbs One.


Day Two

God is my witness.

Over and over we need a witness that is reliable. God is my reliable witness. Think. Life assaults with dilemmas. People accuse of impropriety. God is a positive witness. He sees the good and reports it to others. Remember that God is my witness and the witness for all the saints.

Father, testify on my behalf. Declare in Your courts the good things. Speak favor for the saints in the marketplace. Boast for the saints as any Father for a child.

Praying for the saints should be with knowledge and discernment. Philippians chapter 1 includes prayer from Paul that includes both.

The objectives of prayer are growth, protection, restoration, expansion in all areas.

Necessity dictates too much in our lives. Life should follow God’s footsteps as our pathway (Psalm 85). Too much is determined by our lack of resistance. Resistance from the world system will always come. Our charter is persistence against resistance. Continued gentle and every so often violent persistence breaks the wall.

At Jerico, Joshua and God’s people broke through resistance. Beginning with a gentle determination they built their courage. Endurance was strengthened by daily obedience. Then came the violent break through. Paul constantly spoke on endurance. This key factor can be the major determiner of any battle. Who will endure? Who will fight on? Pray for endurance for the saints.

FOCUS: Change. Be violent to change to new ways. Don’t return to the old. Psalm 85.

Psalm Two and Proverbs Two.


Day Three

Creative juices flow best unhindered. The creativity of the soul is unbounded in Jesus. No matter what the conditions of life, he supplies fresh, living waters to refresh and fulfill us.

The supply is inexhaustible.

The supply is ample.

The supply is rich.

The supply is overwhelming.

He is the fountain of living waters, the well spring of eternal life.

Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit saith the Lord of hosts. His Spirit is a Holy Spirit. A life giving oil of supply that never runs dry is He. Our lamp is never dimmed because His anointing oil is ever strong and flowing. Drink of His oil. It is a river of oil. In this oil we grow fat and flourish strong.

FOCUS: Drink with peace. The river brings peace. Cease from fretting.

Psalm Three and Proverbs Three


Day Four

Weariness drains creativity and resolve. We must find rest in Jesus. No matter the reason for our restlessness, rest is in Him. “Come unto Me all you who are weak and heavy burdened and you will find rest for your souls.”

FOCUS: Rest in Him. He is the shadow of a great rock in a dry and weary land.

Psalm Four and Proverbs Four


Day Five


Rest is a state of being, repose of the spirit of man. In Hebrews the writer explains that faith enters into rest or does not enter to God’s presence. Rest ceases from works. Rest is more than peace. Rest is repose of the soul. Labor cease. Striving disappears. Rest takes confident possession of the territory promised and does not relinquish its position. “Come unto Me all you weary and heavy laden and I will giver you rest for your souls.”

FOCUS: Rest. Relax from labors and allow God His pleasure to fulfill our destiny.

Psalm Five and Proverbs Five


Day Six

I give you beauty for ashes.

I give you joy for mourning.

I give you light for darkness and brightness in the gloom.

I will give you grace for the hard days and strength for the task, endurance for the duration that always you will last and last and last and last.

Routine. It is routine that will produce these.

FOCUS: Step into greatness.

Psalm Six and Proverbs Six


Day Seven


God has great plans for us. They include those around us. They include the protection we need to accomplish them.

In life, we have dwellings. Our mind, our heart, our home, our marriage, our family, our workgroups, and our playgroups are all dwelling places where we spend time and thought. Our tomorrows are cultivated in these places. The environment we provide for growth is important. The cultivation of right relationship is crucial and impacts a long time our development.

FOCUS: Develop relationships. Blow off the dust of the years. Take action.

Psalm Seven and Proverbs Seven