The Love of God 1 John

John’s letter to those who had lived the gospel with him over the decades of his life opens concepts of honest love.  Our world is dying for lack of honest Christian love.  We choose cheapened lust and desire.  This series of videos opens eyes into the heart of love.  Walk with me through every verse of this amazing letter of love and counsel

Show Me Now Your Way

Exodgracechangeseverythingus 33:13
Now therefore, I pray, if I have found grace in Your sight, show me now Your way,
As Moses entered into a grace based relationship with the Father, he sought a fresh understanding. All had been based on obedience and regulation.  He pleaded for God to show Him the Divine Heart and Will and Way.  Do the same.  Seek to know God’s way and will. Laws and regulation are meant to take us to this point.  God wants your heart connected to His heart.  Move from obedience based on duty and requirements and fear into a relationship of obedience based on connection to a Supreme Love from the heart of God to be your friend and do right by you.  He is ready to grow you.