Morning Musings

This morning I read through Nehemiah, Psalm 5 and Proverbs 5 before entering the study. The impression that God protects His people in mercy and justice was overwhelming. To follow a mistaken course of living like the fool in proverbs 5 living in lust and adultery ends up in loss of years and loss of reputation. To marry into unbelieving relationships like the men of Jerusalem does the same with children that do not know their heritage.
Simultaneously, those that have followed a mistaken course of living are still overseen by God’s mercy and given opportunity to repent and start fresh. Everything is forward.
Yesterday in the meetings at HCIPHC, the minister looked into my eyes and said, “Go forward.” I knew exactly what he meant. On May 22nd, I recorded a video “Get Up and Go Forward”. I had been in fasting for some time and the Holy Spirit was screaming these words and continues to pummel them into my soul.
Get up and Go Forward. Don’t dwell on the mistakes of the past or the life lived yesterday. Whether it was great, good, or groaning, find the future.