Finding Prayer Effective

downloadOver the last 31 days, we have posted a series of missives penned by Andrew Murray in 1898.  Amazingly they coincide quite well with our current needs.  It seems prudent to go another 31 days.  You may have missed one, or there may be another item come to mind when you find yourself on a day.  Join with me.

This will take us into the church season of Lent, which starts on March 6th.  Maybe you will join with me on a fast.  There are several ways to fast and pray.  Here are a few.  Never take a physical fast without talking to a doctor or intimately knowing your physical condition.

  1. Abstain from a food you like.  Candy and cake and donuts and pastries.
  2. Abstain from all starches and sugars.  Potatoes, pasta, bread, sweets.
  3. Abstain from meat.  Go vegetarian.
  4. Soup fast.  Only use liquids.  This will be my chosen fast.
  5. Abstain totally one or two selected days a week.  Maybe Tuesday and Friday can be your fast days.
  6. Abstain totally from food.  I do not recommend this without a review by your doctor first.  And I do not recommend over a week long.  Some fast for five days and then eat on two and then fast again for five days.

Fasting get’s your attention.  It subjects the body to the spirit and brings us in line to God’s voice and will.

Before you fast, get a fix in your mind as to why you are fasting.  Two years ago, I fasted for a child in a threatening condition.  After six weeks on a soup fast, she was healed and is doing great.  It was a specific fast until the answer was delivered.

Maybe you want to fast for a break in career or job or finances or an addiction or a painful habit you wish to break pattern.  Maybe you are seeking God for an answer in a specific situation.

For me, I am going on a soup fast for 31 days for the team at our church to see miracles in their ministry and for a few specific items to be accomplished for others.  I expect the answers will appear before the fast is over, but it is set for a season and I will continue in it for the full 31 days.

Blessings, Pastor Phil

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