Change Psalm 30 #5

Moments accumulate value.

For His anger lasts only a moment, but His favor, a lifetime. Weeping may spend the night, but there is joy in the morning.
Psalms 30:5 HCSB

Last evening in parenting group, the weight of how sorrowful moments touch our memories weighed on me. A memory comprised of an event and an emotion has long impact. It lingers for decades. Yet, we can change that emotion attached.

Forgiveness, mercy, compassion, gratitude, hope, faith, and love are powerful forces of emotional and spiritual and mental healing. There is change.

Earlier in the afternoon, another group on relationships included a group of teen boys on probation. One defied the idea that people can change. He reviled the concept. What a tragedgy, if he stays this way. He is blocking hope for himself.

In the new life ahead of me in my changes, I will no longer be in back to back groups changing their lives. A certain sadness and weeping touches me. And then the joy comes.

With less responsiblity for groups, I will have more monents of one on one to see inner healing. That regimen of restoration is precious to me. Memories of instantly changed lives through inner healing and at prophetic healing flood my mind. For 15 years, I stood before and after services and prayed every week for folks. 15×50=750×5=3750+ one on one encounters. That does not count countless hours in Mexico praying for thousands the same way. Now, I will have time again to look you face to face and administer healing grace.

It is the personal encounter with an EverLoving God that elicits a joy in the morning. While He busys me differently, He increases my time and capacity to be a hand of healing. The tests and trials of the strain of the last 7 years as a missionary for broken families prepare me to see great joy.

Change enables grace. Our tough memories can be washed and revisited with improved faith and hope and love and the negative emotion attached healed and the pained person of our past released into the fresh new creation in Christ reality. These are exciting days.

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