Word of the Day: Welcome Back

Morning Moment : Welcome Back
The word for today is WELCOME BACK
In Psalm 21, the king is welcomed back into the good graces of the Lord. He and the nation are restored to prosperity. It is time we begin to prepare for our comeback

Comeback power is an awesome commodity. In Christ it is always available. Do not get accustomed to this land of fear and financial loss. Do not get comfortable in chaos or down in death. Take a stand against the wiles of the enemy and the conditions of a cursed world separated from His redemption. Speak back to it. WELCOME BACK.

Begin to apply wisdoms learned in the pressure. Don’t go back to the way you were but build a new way, a way of rest in Him and prayerful days. Do not forget the fear but leverage it to produce a more fulfilling life.

When I was 26, Dian and I and our newborn daughter returned to Oklahoma City. For two years, I prepared for ministry at Christian Outreach School of Ministry. The Lord prospered us financially and spiritually.

It was 1982. The oil bust hit. In a matter of a few months we lost everything. The job promised disappeared in the wake of economic downturn. We had no healthcare but we had a newborn infant. The partner in ministry that I returned to work alongside, left his family and the ministry. I went to work at a temp agency changing jobs each week. One week filing. One week stacking newspapers. One week delivering furniture. Whatever I was assigned.

At the point our bank account was emptied a bottom rung job opened. I took it with joy. It took three years to rebuild. It took night shifts. It took starting at the bottom and working my way back up.

During this season, I joined two other men in prison ministry. My finances were gone, but I could share faith, hope, and love. For the season as my prosperity was restored, i continued to share the gospel every week. Miracles were common.

Don’t give up whose you are in days of downturn. Days of WELCOME BACK are waiting.

Welcome is a great word. It is German in root. It means “Come and be well.” In Spanish the word for welcome, Bienvenidos, means the same Come and be well. So I say to you and the Lord says to you, Welcome Back, come and be well, prosperous, satisfied.

Today, I pray for restoration of the economic engine of the world. That the Lord would welcome back the economy. That we would return to productivity and enjoyment of life. That we would wisely enjoy our families and not get caught up in the rush of hedonism. That we would be gracious to each other. That His will be done in our cities through a spirit of gratefulness and generosity and gospel.

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