Morning Moment: Stalwart
A mighty fortress is our God, a bulwark never failing
Our helper He, amid the flood of mortal ills prevailing
A Might Fortress is Our God, Martin Luther

Such people will not be overcome by evil. Those who are righteous will be long remembered. Psalms 112:6 NLT

Take this word for the day, STALWART. It means loyal and strong. What better word for our God! A mighty fortress. Luther’s original words were ‘Ein Feste Burg’ or ‘A Solid Castle’. How are your doing on being a solid castle?

Yesterday’s conversations all had a touch of panic. A friend’s mother died. A couple is preparing for retirement and heart disease looms. A pastor in the Middle East has hundreds refused food by authorities because they are Christian in a Muslim country. A family struggles with going to work in healthcare and the dangers of bringing disease home. A group on probation faces unemployment, kids at home, and heightened anxiety. Another has lost his family to the pains of impact of his past abusive and alcoholic behaviour and looks to find his way in the world. How’s it going with you? Feeling stalwart?

By day’s end, I was tired not feeling loyal and strong at all. But then, my Father lives in me. He is a solid castle, a tower into which I can run, a bulwark never failing. And because He lives, I can face tomorrow.

Do this to build your stalwart stand. Look to the future. This is Easter week like no other. This week, the death tolls are forecast to climb every day and peak on the 15th, a few days after the celebration of the resurrection. Easter comes from an original word that means dawn or sunrise. We need that sunrise.

I’ve always loved the Spanish word for smile, sonrisa, and played with it as the Son Rises in my heart and shows through my face. That isn’t a true origin of the word but it is a solid observation. When the Son, Jesus, rises in my heart, then I am stalwart, strong and loyal, and I smile in the face of adversity.

Psychologists speak loudly that we need to plan solid events in our week during the shelter in place period. Otherwise, we become morose and anxious. It is human nature to turn to destructive lifestyle behaviors when thrown out of balance and restricted from freedom. Anger and alcohol and abuse proliferate under pressure. We need to be strong and loyal. Stalwart.

Our stalwart attitude comes from standing in His solid castle. Malachi tells us, the Sun of Righteousness rises with healing in its wings when we revere the name of the Lord of Hosts. We are able to cast off the dust of the day and the destruction of the disease and leap forward with strength.

Stalwart does not mean perfect. It means consistent and continual. Pressed but not crushed. Slowed but not stopped. Tripped but not down. Step into the stalwart source. Remember the Son rose never to set again. Remember we have a sun that will rise on the other side of these days. Easter is on the calendar. No matter the darkness of our moment, the Son is risen indeed.

We are family.

You are loved

Jesus is Our Strong Tower

Pastor Phil 405.494.0637

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