The word from the Lord is CRASH
1 Chronicles 15:28 So all Israel brought up the Ark of the Lord’s Covenant with shouts of joy, the blowing of rams’ horns and trumpets, the crashing of cymbals, and loud playing on harps and lyres.
crashingpraiseLike so many words in English, CRASH, has multiple meanings. To CRASH can mean to bust your car into a pole or waves on the shore or spend the night on a friend’s couch or lose value in your investments or lose all your strength of body or mind or emotion. Usually, it marks an event or series of events that cause others to look toward the CRASH.
A CRASHing praise should make others look. CRASH a loud sound of praise. CRASH something good so loudly that others will hear and notice. CRASH the cymbals so everyone will notice.
In a marching band, it is the CRASHing cymbals that can bring your attention. In an orchestra, it is the CRASHing cymbals that accent high moments in a performance. And in our lives, it is the CRASHing attention we give to the goodness of God that allows others to see His good.
This day CRASH a sound of praise to overwhelm the CRASH of disaster. Take a moment to think of something so good that others will turn their heads and say, “Wow, that is great!”
Can I get a CRASHing witness?
We are family
You are loved
Jesus is Our Strong Tower
Pastor Phil

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