The word of the Lord for the Moment is ACTION

Get up, for it is your duty to tell us how to proceed in setting things straight. We are behind you, so be strong and take action.” Ezra 10:4 NLT

When a leader has a faithful following he/she is empowered to take action. Straight or crooked, it is time to act. A leader reaches the point a decision must be made and action taken.

Parents, teachers, pastors, business owners, and government officials need to take action.  Extra had been in prayer over a disturbing situation. There was great disagreement. Any action would be painful. He assessed, prayed, wept, mourned and waited. There was no clear word from the Lord. People were waiting. Families were on hold. The people came to him and demanded a decision.

The decision wa as hard. Many disagreed. But the decision was carried out. It split families and focused the people. Any decision would be tough and have similar results. Ezra stepped out I. Confidence that he committed his path and the path of the people to the Lord. Enough prayer. Time to act.

This verse jumped at me in my morning prayers. When I came across it, it seemed to be on fire. Get up and take action.

In a few minutes I am walking out an action for which I will be cursed and blessed. There is no word from the Lord, but a decision must be made and it has been made. It is committed into His hands and He will bless it not because it is straight or crooked, clear or complicated, but because it is committed in prayer and wise counsel. Many avoid weighing in on the decision because they are not given the authority. Others are fearful. Others have self serving interests.But it is in my court and commission of the Lord and therefore it is in my scope to decide.

What lies in front of you that needs a decison and action? Maybe today is the day to cease waiting.

1. Pray and study until you have sufficient information. Notice I did not say full information. Sufficient.
2. If the Lord speaks clearly, great. If He doesn’t, great. Go with Him either way. Be confident He is with you.
3. Get ready to be misunderstood. Communicate, communicate, communicate. And be ready to be misunderstood. Listen. Apply adjustments if appropriate. Stand tall.
4. Get ready to be praised. Ignore it. You did not make the decision for goosebumps but because it needed made and action taken. Listen. Apply adjustments if appropriate. Stand tall.
5. Set a course. Make a plan. Walk it out to completion. Do the tough stuff first and fast.

So this morning, I am doing the toughest part of my decision. No one will be there for this Moment. Sometimes you walk alone while others watch to see if you are serious. Walk it out. You are not doing it for their love and appreciation but for their good and your obedience to the call and commission.

Do you have a decision? A hard one? It might be time to leave the prayer room and get cracking. You have sufficient information and prayer. Do it.

We are family
You are loved
Jesus is Our Strong Tower

Phil Larson, thethinkdr

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