searching.. mega wally world chuch

Being a tad sensitive to pounding bass that vibrates my teeth and organs, I choose the vibrating chairs in the foyer.. last two attempts made me physically sick at the int3nsity of vibration.. I can control volume with my bionic ears, but not the vibration

this means I can’t enter into singing worship, which I thrive on. maybe if the turned the foyer screens toward the chairs

public water baptism is cool.. a key part of faith and community

the greeters were friendly and a a today. usually cold and taking to each other.. not as gauntlet intimidating but space to allow for people to enter without being blocked

good parking available today even with a good crowd in services

coffee and tea bar bustling


foyer is so loud, no ability to visit with a member, greeter, pastor, group leader

I’ve tried emailing a few times and never got a response ..

Searching.. community Bible church

After 42 years of ministry, I am churchless.  Really the whole chuch thang is not inviting. So join with me in a fresh search.  I am going to be dropping in an odd assortment of places and looking for connection. All the stuff is stiff and has no appeal. Looking for real people worshipping a real God in community I can join as I am.

connection of people of all ages and all stages

worship that touches God’s heart

heart for local and remote missions

day one cc.. worship was good and gifted but nonparticipatory

communion..Communion… simple and heartfelt..

Biblically focused

calm and quiet congregation.. friendly faces, easy to approach

not full gospel but Spirit inspired.. you can find Jesus here