Meet Jesus : Rapid Revision Matthew 4:20

meetjesusrapidrevisionMatthew 4:20 They immediately left their nets and followed Him.

This man Jesus can make you jump in a moment.  He can make you leave all and follow Him.

That has become a foreign idea in the minds of present Christians.  Sacrifice means not watching a movie.  Sacrifice means giving one night a week to choir practice so we can be in front of others.  Sacrifice means reading our bible five minutes a day.

How weak have we become?  Our definition of temptation is a bag of chips sitting on the counter.  Lives have been anesthetized to real challenge and real sacrifice.

A friend constantly was working with prostitutes.  One day he showed me the bullet holes in his car.  A pimp was upset at him for taking a woman off the street so he could talk to her.  It was cutting into profits.  The bullets

never exited the inside of the door.  The bullets were never found.  Somewhere between the point blank shot coming at him and the realization that God had protected, I bet he thought about sacrifice.  His life was on the line every evening he went to reach those beaten women.  His time was robbed from family and friend to give to someone who might never listen.

ACT!   What really is sacrifice?     How rapid does God want us to respond?  How willing are we to do it?  What is left undone that He has asked you to do?

 PRAY!  Father, I believe.  Help my unbelief.   There is a part of me that loves big screen television and stereo sound.  There is a part of me that is more desperate for the easy chair and a great video experience that for loving others.  I love my diversions.  Yank me from my diversions.  Jolt me into a place of immediate obedience.  I repent.  Help me to disconnect from diversions to hear Your voice and respond


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