searching.. mega wally world chuch

Being a tad sensitive to pounding bass that vibrates my teeth and organs, I choose the vibrating chairs in the foyer.. last two attempts made me physically sick at the int3nsity of vibration.. I can control volume with my bionic ears, but not the vibration

this means I can’t enter into singing worship, which I thrive on. maybe if the turned the foyer screens toward the chairs

public water baptism is cool.. a key part of faith and community

the greeters were friendly and a a today. usually cold and taking to each other.. not as gauntlet intimidating but space to allow for people to enter without being blocked

good parking available today even with a good crowd in services

coffee and tea bar bustling


foyer is so loud, no ability to visit with a member, greeter, pastor, group leader

I’ve tried emailing a few times and never got a response ..

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